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TECNUN DESIGN: LA SALVE Draught Experience


09:30 am
TECNUN DESIGN: LA SALVE Draught Experience

Consistent, painstaking design is a highly important part of any brand placement strategy. This is no less true for the humble beer barrel, with different companies vying for the consumer's attention and loyalty. Custom-designed draught beer towers, taps and fittings have become a distinctive branding factor, contributing to an improvement in the consumer experience.

LA SALVE beer has teamed up with Tecnun / Navarre University to design a new tower for its taps, which will be fitted in bars and other catering establishments. Proposals from second year students in the Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development degree reflect the essence, personality and culture of this well-known Bilbao brand, all closely linked to the city's history, its river and its industrial and folk tradition.

The ultimate aim of the project was to design a personalised tower that would arouse emotions, speak directly to consumers, influence their perception, define and improve the brand experience and give it a relevant and significant competitive edge.

On Thursday 21 November, at 10:00 in the morning, the conference will start for the presentation of the results of the agreement between TECNUN, University of Navarra and LA SALVE, focussing on the discussion of the design proposals for the new beer tower created by students. The conference will open with a few words of introduction from the lecturer Carlos Alonso Pascual, from TECNUN; followed by Eduardo Saiz Lekue, director of LA SALVE brewery. This will be followed by a visit to the exhibition of the designs for the new beer column for LA SALVE, conducted by the students, the creators of the designs. The conference will be attended by Benicio Aguerrea, Curator of Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week and Paz Morer, coordinator for the Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development Degree offered by TECNUN.

Ensanche Building – Bilbao

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