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Isidro Ferrer


Illustration workshop with ISIDRO FERRER

10:00 am
Isidro Ferrer

"The map is a recent invention, it arrived after boats were invented, which arrived after Man was invented, who arrived after the blue sea was invented. Before maps, human beings lived and travelled the world, drifting around; after the invention of the map, they were able to explore the world, analyse it, discover it. Maps did not make travel possible, it was already possible, nor did they make it easier; but they did make it possible to imagine the voyage before starting, and to describe the voyage at the end. Nonetheless, and contrary to rightful literary fantasies, the great revolution of the map has nothing to do with movement; far from it, maps allow us to identify where we are, to assert our stillness in the ceaseless flow of nature and to establish an artificial order: we are here.”  
The aim of the workshop, using iconographic resources from cartography, is to draw a plastic narrative based on experience.  



Euskal Irudigileak (Atxuri 16, Bilbao)
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Asociación profesional de ilustradoras/es de Euskadi